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julio 29, 2011

Dot Art: colletive pixeling sounds and words? An unexpected web art?

por idoiallano


Europeans, spanish include 🙂 that not so europeans , not so africans, not so anything at all (just joking), are always looking for the lost paradise and that is why it is so easy to create a not forfidden but mythified one here among “not- worries” aussies, at the other side of the world.

Just a “wild souvenir” for us? or a helpful lie for getting good jobs and profits in order to avoid discrimination? just and artificial art for filling the gap? or may be, not art at all?

Well, probably a nice-naif souvenir, and we won’t probably make an ethical investment buying the called dot art but… should we worry about it? Don’t know if we ought to, but we had to due to the very similiar situations in our countries.

In my not well reported opinion, one of the most important reasons for take the australian actual dot art into account, is because of the collective way to create.

So I will let you one with one of the squeeze-questions for thinking about: Which will be the next effect of the western crowdsourcing knowledge from the web, for the big one web Internet? Could it be the collective art? Might we learn something new about “the Australian Indigenous art movements and cooperatives have been central to the emergence of Indigenous Australian art. Whereas many western artists pursue formal training and work as individuals, most contemporary Indigenous art is created in community groups and art centres” Text in bold copied from the Wikipedia

From this new side of the arguments about the mainful debate: “etnographic or not etnographic, individual or collective” dot art, there would be another and deep way for researching how an alternative expression way like dot art, comming up from not being art as we are knowing it ( all of us, aussies and europeans, and aboriginals, and africans and so on …)


“Because of their cultural belief that every natural physical thing was placed where it is by their ancestors, rocks were also carved. These carvings leave again stories from a people without a written language”

Copied From Traditional Aboriginal Art explained

When there is not a written history and the oral tales must be the way not only for telling, but for creating the world that you can see, and, of course, teach to the next generations, the sounds have to be perfectly combined and conjugated to be repeated up till the end of their own lifes. But the aboriginal could sing for giving to their stories the facility to remind them once more again. So that’s pop music, isn’t it?

Actually tales make the world just how it has been done so if tales are songs and pictures and the paints of history, finally pictures will be the colour of songs, won’t they?

So it’s worth, isn’t it. Just take a look!

Click to see more work from Bessie Nakamarra Sims Bessie Nakamarra Sims This gallery represent a “community-based art” and,as they write on their web page, “ethical sales”