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agosto 7, 2011

Respect your elders: Watching whales in Harvey Bay and The Pacific Whale Foundation

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Respect your elders: Watching whales in Harvey Bay and The Pacific Whale Foundation



De 7 de agosto de 2011

Here, in this country where it is still possible to see young people, and not so youngs,  moving from  one spot to another with  the “no-worries” sense of life, travelling and looking for chances, and taking them too, it would not be so odd to find out  that this country is one of the fewest places in the world where you can touch a humpback whale without no fear

And  by the by , just when you are watching a couple of   these enormous whales coming straight on  your boat,  it is just the reminder momentJ when you remember the zilla, the great  Mobby Dick and Captain Akad walking along the deck restlessly day and night, waiting for revenge. (Read Herman Melville novel  or just watch the Gregory Peck´s  film)

But the moment passes by when the amazing pair of giant friends become the terror in a suddenly and unforgettable admiration.

Handsome swimmers, overgrown travelers, playful wises,  the humpbacked whales begin a game with the boat and its boatlanders,  with the crew and the crowd , taking a position beside them,  and properly being put  out by these intrepid gamblers.

These gossip ancestors  seem to be enjoying with us like, for sure, not any animal in our damaged world because of our disturbing steps,  tipping  our world upside down by a moment.

Two  whales? A couple more? . No, not  at all. A lot of them, here in Harvey Bay, swimming in pairs, in trios,  after breeding their calves in the north.

Harvey Bay is one of the world  finest  whale-watch locations .

These honey mates begin their migration from their breeding winter areas, while  growing up,  to their  summer  feeding ones,  from  July  till November.

Don´t  hesitate mates:   More information in The Pacific Whale Foundation