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julio 21, 2011

#carbon tax debate is up to Australia: The ground-breaking “downunder”

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#carbon tax debate is up to Australia: The ground-breaking “downunder”

Although Europe and US are  threatened by the great crash of an economic Armagedon, as Obama said the other day , and a real fear that they are just in front of another economic disaster, here in “the down under”,  political parties are  on a hasty demise or something like this (just kidding my friends!:-)), and politicians are struggling face to face for explaining their outlooks about  a tax on emissions of carbon dioxide.

It seems like the earth’s atmosphere CO2 concentration is increasing enterily due to the action man as almost everyone knows nowadays

Obviously Australia doesn’t produce so much CO2 as China or US do, but is the 14th highest producer in the world out more than 200 nations

The question is… it is  the carbontax the best way to get over with pollution? It might be not, but I bet it is the beginning of a future plenty of renewable energies.

However, as someone has said, I am afraid that not kidding this time,  the revenge of the australian people on the ALP, the Greens and the independents at the next elections could be epic because of the tax

But…,for sure, not so bad,  because  people might take into account that the impact on employment could be smaller than expected because of the tax. Actually mining employs are around 2% of working population whereas mining industry share the 8’7 of the total economy of Australia.

In other words it means than the profits of the mining industry are not increasing the employment-springing and the improvement of its workers as far as some of the tax detractors are branding.

And so on …. C.u. later

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